I confess that being spontaneous is a difficult one for me.  I am definitely a plan and prep girl when it comes to almost everything about Darla.  I have always done better with structure and a guide to get me from start to finish.  Where this has served me best is in my meal planning and exercise.  I am not one of those who open the door to the refrigerator puzzled by what to eat, looking for something and finding nothing.  I think that would drive me crazy, and talk about wasting energy by leaving the frig open…YIKES. I have dedicated one day out of my weekend and sometimes during the week, to plan and prep my meals.  This not only ensures that I eat healthy, but saves me lots of money, time and stress, especially when time is limited during the busy work week. 

I have two crock pots that are in constant use and filled with boneless/skinless
chicken breast, brown rice, quinoa, and steel cut oats at any given time.  Having crock pot chicken ready to eat is fabulous and I use it for so many things: chicken rice bowls, wraps, tacos, and even by itself with a side of chopped veggies or fruit.  I am not kidding when I say that it takes about 10 minutes to throw the chicken in the crock with my spices and on with my day. 

I also plan my workouts and just as I create a program for my clients, I plan for me.  Not doing so would be like getting ready for a test without studying.  Having a plan, writing it down, and following through makes for a successful, challenging workout catered to what I can do and accomplishing that goal in the time allotted and at least 5 days per week.  I am able to look back on my workouts and know from one day to the next what muscle group I will work, avoiding any sore areas of course.  Having a plan and prepping for it during my fitness routine creates an even flow, eliminates any guessing, and allows me to be very efficient and effective of my time and body. 

The planning and prepping is really not difficult, and actually very simple as a
healthy LIFESTYLE.  I would feel weird if I did not have my healthy food in the refrigerator ready to go, or my exercise program in front of me as my accountability guide to an effective workout.   This is the secret that is really not a secret to living a healthy life and maintaining a healthy body.  What it comes down to is caring enough about ME to make my health a priority and I have done so through the planning and prepping process.  My hubby and I eat most of our meals at home and rarely eat out and we do not consider this a wrench in our life, but we welcome creating and eating healthy foods, and more than that, enjoy how it makes us feel.   The beautiful part about eating healthy is even if the exercise lacks during the week, I am still maintaining a healthy body through my planned meals.  Many studies show that vigorous exercise 3 times per week accompanied by healthy nutrition will maintain a healthy body, which is why the nutrition is so vital to keep up.  Imagine, not working as hard in the gym by maintaining healthy food intake…sounds GREAT to me. 



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