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Remember being graded on a curve back in high school?  I implement something similar when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.  I am sure you have all heard of a 90/10 or 80/20 percent variable when it comes to eating clean and exercise.  What it comes down to for me is CONSISTENCY with a curve and that allows for the little fun off the plan meals or missed workouts that WILL be a part of my balanced life.  I really do not stress about it, and I try to have a positive and fun outlook most of the time.  There are times that my mental game can be in the tank just like anyone else, and my actions have to be stronger than my mind.  It is in these moments that I realize that the workouts never get easier, but I definitely am stronger for them. 


I am not perfect and never will proclaim to be, but I am CONSISTENT.  I exercise at least five times per week and nothing extreme either.  I get in my sixty minutes and sometimes even forty-five and call that good.   I am in lifetime maintenance mode, which is easier than let’s say having a goal of building muscle mass.  Through my journey of consistent exercise, I have paid my dues to create the muscle that I have, and I am happy with that and do not long for more.  What I do care about and my lifetime goal is being a fit healthy person, having a quality life, free from injury, pain, and to just feel good overall.  I strongly feel that when the focus is on healthy and quality life rather than meeting the goals of extreme this or that, then a healthy body is the result.  So much brain effort is placed on all the new workouts and “diets” that people are becoming obsessive, discouraged, disenchanted and sadly give up before even trying. I enjoy being simplistic, getting back to the basics, and do not fall for the fads when it comes to working out. 

I eat healthy REAL foods the majority of the time and am CONSISTENT with this
habit that is now my lifestyle, and do not stress when a craving calls for something off my normal.  Please do not think that I am sitting over here eating boiled fish and steamed broccoli.  That is definitely not me, so boring, and I enjoy spicy foods and lots of variety to even want restrictions like that as part of my life.  Besides, that is not realistic, not lifetime maintainable and just could not be accepted consistently in my menu planning. Healthy eating does not mean I am on a diet, it just means that I eat healthy foods all the time that taste good. 

I maintain my body CONSISTENTLY to keep it healthy, to feel good and yes, I enjoy the outward part of being a healthy woman.  Anyone who says different just is not being honest.  I feel a certain confidence that comes from being a healthy person and I enjoy that. Things that I will not call a sacrifice to keep me consistent are eating at home all the time and rarely dining out.  On those rare times, it is a real treat and in fact, I do not mind hitting up the dessert menu during those occasions.  Honestly, I prefer my cooking to what is served in restaurants, for so many reasons.  I can control what is actually going in my face, the fats, sodium, and overall organic value of what I am eating.  The struggles I have are with getting to bed on time and I would have to give myself a “needs improvement” grading on the curve. I enjoy my weekends so much and night time with my hubby that sometimes, it is difficult to want the evening to end, and the consequences are a tired, and not fully recovered body.  Overall though, I am very CONSISTENT and enjoy a bit of a curve in life for that balance that is so important. 



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Stay Healthy~


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