Enjoying Maui last month
I am such a wimp when it comes to the cold or extreme heat and it calls for creative indoor workout preparation for the long winter months ahead.  There is this motivational poster that says “There is no such thing as bad weather, just soft people”.  Well pull up my socks and call me soft…because I am definitely not one to venture into the cold, sleet, snow, or hail for a walk or WOG (walk/jog).  I am a fair weathered fitness gal and am happy to say that I may be soft on the inside, but my body tells a much different story on the outside without facing the weather extremes.


I believe it is just all preference of course when it comes to working out, and I
choose to exercise without battling the elements.  Hats off to those who love all that stuff, and in a way it sounds really cool when I read workout stories that deal with extreme environments.  This gal would literally freeze into some sort of ice crystal mess with aching ears, and numb hands and feet. 
That is one COLD TURKEY!!!

This means preparing differing indoor workouts because I am all about muscle
confusion and keeping fitness fun.  I am one to get bored doing the same thing too many times and having a plan always works best for accountability and will ensure that I am ready to go.  I enjoy HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts and can write one of those up in a jiffy.  HIITs are probably my favorite due to covering so many muscle groups very dynamically in a short period of time.  I like to complete at least 30 minutes during a high intensity workout.  Then there are my slower paced cardio, core and stretch days which I really like when my energy is not where it should be, or my muscles are sore and need to recover.  Another fabulous workout that I love to create is a Pyramid, where I select four to five movements and start either at the bottom or top of the pyramid and work the reps up or down depending on how I want to  begin.  This type of workout makes me feel very accomplished, and I am pretty spent at the end.  It can take me a good hour to get through a pyramid that has ten steps to it.  I can’t leave out my circuit training, another great way I enjoy exercise, and utilizing my smith machine or free weights to complete a variety of strength moves that can be focused on all over body or body part selective. 


The wonderful thing about exercise is making it my own, and doing the things that I enjoy.  That is so important because if I did not like what I was doing, I would not be coming back for more that is for sure.  The fact that exercise is part of my lifestyle feels good and it is a “want to” for me and although I do understand the importance for my health as a “have to”, I would not feel like ME if I did not challenge my body physically regardless of the health importance.  It is such a gift to be able to exercise and that is how I look at it, and I am not going to let bringing in the cold stop me.  I just adapt, change and create what will work for me during a time that I will miss being outside as much. 



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