"This really appealed to me in such a POSITIVE way. Life is about our journey, and the CHOICES that we make to become better people in ways that make sense to us. I think about the word "health" and what that really encompasses and it is not just a number on a scale but a combination of emotional, spiritual, physical and nutritional. I live my life the way I want to and some may like it and some may not, but it is MY LIFE, just as YOUR life belongs to YOU. We all have differing issues, possible medical problems and limitations, overwhelming life stresses, and those behind closed doors secrets that may greatly impact our life, and that we simply choose not to share with others. Those things belong to us, and sifting through and creating answers to our individual stories is what matters and doing so to become a healthier happier person in all areas of "health" is what counts. There is never a "one size fits all" answer to our fitness and nutrition programs, how we serve God, and how we choose to live our life. We are NOT generic people made to fit in some sort of "health" box coming out the other side all fixed. That is just not reality. What I enjoy may not be what you enjoy, what I eat may not be what you like to eat; the service I give to God may not be how you honor get my point. I never fall for gimmicks that claim that this is the "only way" to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Really??? Based on what? When each of us walk a mile in each other's shoes, then we "might" have the ability to make such claim, but I will always be the type of MOTIVATOR that realizes that life and the journey to health is different for everyone, and I will do my best to provide the correct encouragement for YOU."


I shared the above post on my Facebook page last week as I was inspired after seeing a motivational poster and  reading several articles on the whole controversial “what’s your excuse” image that has been receiving both positive and negative feedback.  I am a believer of intention and positive messages shared through my life and stories.  I share because I am inspired to write and through that I am hopeful to help someone adapt a healthier lifestyle, whatever that may mean in a life and in that moment.  My intention is never to discourage, but to be a motivator through my passion of helping people.  Sometimes, images and statements can be miscommunicated which is why I am not a huge fan of texting as so many things can get lost in translation.  I believe that much misinterpretation occurred with the controversial image and that is one thing that a picture is unable to do…explain intention.  The originator intended one thing, the audience perceived something completely different.  The laughable part of the whole scenario is that all publicity is good publicity in the world of marketing, and one controversial image regardless of intention is now the beginning of either a great opportunity to further help people through the exposure, or a lost chance that will eventually fade due to inability to keep the audience captured.


I will share that I am a “NO EXCUSES” trainer when it comes to people giving me reasons why health is not a priority.  I do not hear that “my health is not a priority” stated in those words from people, but I hear it through the underlying messages of “I am too busy”, “I am unable to cook”, “I am unable to afford a trainer or membership”, “My kids need me, my husband or wife wants this kind of food”, “My work does not allow”, “I am on the road constantly”, “I have no time to shop”, and the list goes on and on.  The point is that I do not accept or believe that anyone is too busy to take care of their health. When I post an image of myself, it is not for the intention of saying “hey, check this out and you should look like this”, it is for motivation to share that I am almost 50, have gone through major physical and emotional adversity, and have come out the other side healthy and happy.  My career is my passion and I do walk the talk of consistent exercise and healthy eating, and I share that with my clients, family, friends, and anyone who will listen to me.  I will not tell anyone to implement a “my way is the only way” approach to health, fitness and overall wellness as that is not true.  I am confident in my teaching and my example, and know that it works, but intelligent enough to respect and research other avenues.  Shoot, I enjoy learning from my clients when they have researched a topic. In my book, we are in this world together, working together to be the best we can be.  I do not have the expectation that my clients or you will exercise like me, or maintain nutritional intake as I do.  I may make things look easy but I bet if I came to your job and I was able to watch what you do, I would think the same thing of you. The only expectation that I have is that healthier habits are formed and an eventual healthy LIFESTYLE is adapted and whatever that looks like to each person that I have had the opportunity to work with is an A+ in my book.  I always grade on a curve too as we are not perfect people, but always works in progress.   What it comes down to is that we all KNOW WHAT TO DO…right?  The problem lies in not accepting what we already know needs to be done to be healthier people.  It is my life, your life, our lives and how we CHOOSE to live each day is up to each and every one of us.  I do not want you to look like me, exercise like me, or eat like me because I am doing a great job living my life.  I am hopeful that you are sparked to make healthy choices for you, to implement exercise routines that you enjoy, to start cooking healthy foods that you like, and to look in your mirror and say I want to look like a healthy ME.


Thanks for stopping by my Blog, hope you enjoy the content, and if you have not become a follower yet, I would love to see your face on my friend's list.  If you are inspired, LIKE my entry, leave a comment and I look forward to responding!


Stay Healthy~



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