Wouldn’t it be nice to wave a magic wand, and all of life is just how we wanted it to be?  We are blessed with the gift of life but how we live it is up to us, and that takes effort and choices.  There are consequences, hard lessons learned and happiness along the way, but ultimately it is in our choices that create the life of happiness we all desire.  Sometimes we do not even know what we want or how to create this happiness, and wander around going through some sort of life motions that we learned from healthy or unhealthy example.  Choosing the right way to create a life of happiness is quite the goal, but like anything else that takes time and effort, it is worth the journey to get there. 

I have gone through the ups and downs of not being happy in this journey of life, and have held onto the hope that God has a greater plan than I can ever imagine. Life has not been what I thought it would be as I contemplate it, but I am thankful for the life lessons of each circumstance that created an opportunity for me to learn and grow in positive ways. It took a choice for me to go to counseling during tough emotional times, to go to physical therapy during horrific physical times, and to rough up my knees in prayer during doubtful spiritual times.  All the choices to become a better person were in search of a happiness that I wanted in my life and I have always been in pursuit of all methods of work to reach that goal.

The pursuit of happiness also includes being a healthy person.  I believe that the two go hand in hand.  When we feel our best physically, it is easier to handle the emotional rides of life.  Also, when our “mental game” is healthy and our responses to life’s circumstances are handled with maturity, clarity, and good intentions this enhances our state of being healthy and happy overall. Happiness is a goal just like being healthy is a goal, and both are lifetime achievements.  There is no end to being a happy and healthy person, and each day is our chance to make choices toward being both. 

Easter seemed like the perfect time to share how important it is to be happy and healthy, and to take this opportunity to let you know that it is possible and necessary in this life.  Happiness does not just happen, but will take a commitment of self-discovery, and not being afraid to peel the onion and take a look at what is keeping you from being happy or healthy. This took years of work in my life, and I am thankful for it.  I will share that it has not always been easy, and nothing worth anything is, right?  My wish for you this Easter is health and happiness and for you to know that each day is a gift that provides a step closer to reaching those goals.  

Have a very Happy Easter from My Family to Yours

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