Yes I do.  I love my haters and I will share that typically those who are “hating” or critical of others really do desire to be loved.  There is something down deep inside of each of us that longs to be accepted and  feel good enough, and when hate comes to the surface it usually defines deep insecurities or unresolved issues within a person.  The ability to be motivated or happy by or for another is replaced with bitterness, jealousy, and to the point of “hating” a person for their accomplishments.  Because I realize that there are underlying factors involved with “hating”, I can look past comments and know that it is not about me when my haters come to calling.  Lately, I have received lots of negative comments, and especially when I share motivational posters that feature me in fitness wear or bathing suits.  If I allowed the negative posts I receive to negatively impair me as a person, I really do not have any business being an internet personality.  I have been in this industry for thirty years, and have read and heard my share of negative as well as the positive.

The only thing in this life I can control is me, and I let go of all the rest.  What I share with you comes with pure intention to motivate you to live a healthy life, and if that is not well received that is the chance I take, and the positive will always outweigh the negative in my opinion.  The recent “hating” on my body and boobs with a post focus/motivation  to live a healthy lifestyle, exercise, eat healthy,  or be happy with self is a clear demonstration of people that are not happy with “self” and feel the need to project and vent their frustrations.  The sad part about hating on the internet is the people acting out the behavior do not know the circumstances or life journey of the person they are criticizing.  Let’s use breast augmentation as an example in general and the possibility that the woman making this choice is doing so for cancer reconstructive purposes, or has been involved in an auto accident which has disfigured her breast, or to feel better about herself by gaining a more proportionate figure, or to regain fuller breasts post pregnancy of one or more births and breast feeding her blessings in life, and the list of reasons can go on and on.  I had a girlfriend who was out for a jog and an unleashed dog attacked her, leaped at her breast and pulled it off her chest, which took months of reconstructive repair.  We all need to realize, accept, and appreciate that personal choices belong to each person and that it does not make that person fake or a “bad” example.  In fact, it could be this person’s life story that can reach out and help others in similar situations.  It really comes down to if you do not have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all. 

Wouldn’t life be grand if all of us were pro-positive of each other, supportive, motivating and complimentary?  The sad truth is that life is not that way, and within this imperfect world we are imperfect people trying the best we can to deal with unfair issues in this life.  That is the point of it all to be happy, and become a better person each day through our journey.  That is not accomplished riding in the “hate” wagon of life.  So whether it is a new house, car, clothes, body, face or your life in general, haters will hate because you possess something they don’t.  Their inability to figure out how to obtain happiness within their own self and life can create a very upset and angry person who copes with frustration through “hating”.  They deal with personal feelings of inadequacy after comparing themselves with others by turning themselves on what they think is making them feel upset…Me, You, Us.

Understanding the psychology of people has helped me a great deal in my journey of life, and has enabled me to develop a “turtle shell” skin that shields me from the negative drama in life.  Also, knowing that there is a lot to be said and appreciated with that old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”.  I think it also comes down to maturity and realizing that life is too short and precious to not be surrounded by positive and to choose to be positive in life.  Loving my haters is a decision to persevere through adversity, and a choice to continue motivating no matter what the cost.  Also, I do wish for their health and happiness deep down and regardless of the negative, I get people talking and learning through the process.  That is a great thing! 

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