When it comes to getting a healthy fit body, it is not about making it complicated, extreme, and it is far from a science project.  There are so many confusing messages hitting us square in the face about the “right” diet and the “right” fitness fad exercise program to create what we so long to become.  Even further, people rush in droves overspending on pills, powders, gimmicks, videos, extreme fitness programs, and anything that promises a smoking hot body in two weeks or less.  Sadder still, there is no consideration of the negative effects on the body when such choices are made.  It is the dive blind and hope for the best philosophy and that would scare the crap out of me.

Think about the word health and what that means to you personally. I live a life of health and fitness and teach it as a lifestyle of quality that includes eating healthy foods, exercise and stretch on a regular basis.  It is also important to reduce pain in our bodies, and stress in our lives overall.  Lastly, I touch on the areas of emotional and spiritual health and wrap health up in a balanced package of physical, nutritional, emotional and spiritual well-being. There is nothing blind about the correct approach to adopting a healthy lifestyle and achieving that smoking hot body.

We all have the potential to create our best healthy body, but fall short when we slip through the cracks of empty promises and seek out the quick fixes that are never guaranteed.  What is guaranteed and will provide the results of good health and fitness are our individual choices to live a healthy life each day. This process is not rocket science but getting back to the basics of simple living.  Eating healthy has become such a complicated subject of what to eat, when to eat, why to eat and the same is true with exercise as everyone preaches the “my way is the only way” agendas. 

Let’s consider how to make healthy simple and work for each of us.  I like to start by writing down healthy foods that I enjoy eating: lean chicken, fish, peaches, plums, raw nuts, fresh vegetables, yogurts, and chocolate for example. I do the same thing with my exercise programs: ARC trainer, HIIT programs, dancing, stretching, and weight training to name a few.  I keep my cooking simple and healthy using olive and coconut oils, lots of spices, and herbs.  I exercise for no more than an hour 4 to 5 times per week, and make it a goal to get plenty of rest.  There is nothing magic about what works for me and I create my healthy lifestyle around what I enjoy.  If the focus is on simple, healthy, and fun, the results of that lifestyle will be seen on the outside as well as the inside.

Adopting a physical healthy lifestyle is not extreme, is not meant to hurt our bodies but a gift of moving our bodies in a way to challenge and build a stronger self.  There has been some trial and error as I have walked through the types of exercises that work best for my body, that continue to challenge me, but eliminate or greatly reduce risk of injury.  I may try something and feel aggravation and not that good sore that occurs from a great workout, and that is my body’s way of telling me not to do that move.  I simply remove what does not work for me, and keep what does.  My workouts will not be your workouts, and I do not buy into that philosophy of there is only one right way. Life and health does not work like that and I say run from any fitness professional who preaches that agenda. 

The same goes with adopting a healthy eating routine.  There is never a “one-size-fit” all program, we all have different tastes, and I hope we are all steering clear of foods that upset our systems. Our bodies are wonderful machines that know exactly what to do with the food we consume, and honestly, we are all adults with common sense enough to know that if we continue to eat like crap, we will feel like crap, and our bodies will be wearing the consequences.  There are no pills, potions, or exercise programs that will take away the results of poor eating habits.  It is important to realize that although science is at work in our bodies every day, when it comes to adopting a healthy lifestyle, let’s leave the rocket science where it belongs and get real with keeping it simple.

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Be well and Stay Healthy


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