Sometimes we can get caught up in worrying about so much in this life, and even things that may never happen.  Worry is definitely a thief of our happiness and will dictate our attitude for the day.  It can become a chronic way of thinking and existing, and not only zaps our energy, but can be exhausting for those around us.  Whenever I feel a worry, I stop and think about the cause and ask myself if it is warranted.  Sometimes worry just does not make sense, and the root cause many times is fear or insecurity about something.  The “What If” this or that kind of worry when nothing definite has even revealed itself.  I found one of the best ways to beat up that kind of mentality is to sweat more.  I get my butt going and use that energy on a high energy workout like HIIT (high intensity interval training) or weight training.

Studies have shown that consistent exercise reduces stress and guess what, that includes the stress that comes from worry.  I use my workout sessions as “cheap man’s” therapy and also as my time to talk with God about what the heck is going on that is making me feel worrisome or anxious.  The more I work and sweat it through, the better I feel.  Most of the time I feel relief, calm, and energized all at the same time after a therapy sweat session.  I do not want to waste my time and energy dragging down my mental game and overall attitude on unnecessary worry.  Not only am I moving my body in a challenging way, but also relieving my mind of the clutter that is taking up precious space. 

The”worry less and sweat more” philosophy provides a healthier lifestyle and the ability to cope with the day to day obligations and responsibilities in life. I feel like I am missing out on something very important for me if I do not sweat it out. My day just feels off, not as accomplished and even tension filled because I did not get that bottled energy out. I like to face head on in the gym any feelings that are questionable as worry and I am not one to just ignore me and think everything is going to fix itself.  I am a doer and a sweater to help maintain a positive outlook, reduce stress and eliminate unnecessary worry.  I am all about not sweating the small stuff but using sweating more to worry less.  

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Be well and Stay Healthy


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