Complaining Doesn't Change Your Fitness

We all complain from time to time and that's called life, but what about when it interferes with our fitness? What good does it do to constantly complain, be unhappy and bring on a full Debbie or Dave Downer attitude without being willing to change the situation?  It's like a leaky faucet we watch drip all over the place, complain about it but refuse to fix the darn thing. Too many people are complaining and not doing, and seriously, how's that working for you?

Complaints only go so far and then the radio gets turned off. Who wants to continually listen to a self-bashing session when the outcome is always the same. Getting fit and maintaining a healthy body starts by stopping the complaints and getting to work on fixing the problem. The extra fat on the gut or butt isn't going to disappear on its own no matter how much complaining comes out of your mouth. What will help is putting the negative energy (complaints) into positive action.

Start by ditching the complaints, accepting who you are right now and apply strategies to make you feel better about yourself. Get serious about your fitness by keeping a food and exercise journal. Use it to chart your feelings as well. If you have a complaint, write it in the journal and move on. Stop dwelling on the "wah wah" and steer your attention toward eating healthier. Instead of sitting on the couch downing beers after work, go for a walk for example. You will be amazed how small changes will eventually provide big results.

Stop complaining about not having the time.  Really?  We are all busy and there's someone busier than you working out or prepping healthy food right now.

What's in your pantry? Is it filled with processed foods and sugar cereal? What's going on in the refrigerator? Is it filled with salami, beer, and cheez whiz? A large percentage of your fitness success is determined by what you put in your face consistently. Healthy food in the house equals eating right for your body. 

When is the last time you exercised? Time to dust the fitness shoes off and get moving. You will burn some extra calories and feel great for accomplishing an awesome workout. Exercise is also linked to stress relief and increased self-esteem. Be willing to do what it takes, stop complaining and you know that old saying sh*t or get off the pot well it truly applies here. Straight talk but all in fitness love.  Be well and Stay Healthy!

Head on over and read my new articles "When BCAAs Help the Most" and "Are Energy Drinks a Safe Pre-Workout Choice?".  Regardless, you will find something on my page  specific to you. It's important to feel motivated and informed!

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Darla Leal, Fit-over-50
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