Fitness is to Better Our Life Not to Be a Burden

Fitness is awesome! I believe we can all agree on that statement. It makes us feel good, look good and should motivate us to continue the lifestyle. Health is about living a quality life and the true definition of fitness.

How can something as fabulous as fitness be considered a burden to so many? Workouts and eating right are almost considered dirty words. Many even use exercise as punishment for unhealthy food choices.

People are walking around pissed off at fitness because they're not fit. Does that make any sense? Instead of working toward quality life and health, society continues to not take responsibility for their choices.

Processed food marketing and a fast paced world have captured the attention of millions. Obesity is growing at an epidemic rate and researchers are scratching their heads for answers. We believe in fitness in a bottle and burning body fat sitting on the sofa.

Our mental game about fitness is skewed. How we think about ourselves, life and health need to change. Slowing down and taking notice of our priorities would be a great start. We make time for what we feel is important. Ask yourself that question: Are your health and fitness important?

Fitness needs to be a positive priority in our life. It's time to realize fitness is to make our life better and never feel like a burden.

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