Take Fitness on Vacation

Just because we go on vacation doesn't mean we should toss fitness out the window. It's important to keep up some physical activity and healthy eating during vacay. What if we're enjoying an extended month vacation? Eating completely off track and halting our workouts would result in fat gain, some muscle atrophy and feeling like crap.

We would not be happy with ourselves especially if fitness is our lifestyle. Besides, we're not taking a vacation from our health and fitness. Time off means stepping away from our daily work routine. It's a time to relax, forget about time clocks, and breathe in some freedom from everyday stress.

Vacations are not for the purpose of binge eating and moving like a sloth. When did this thought process start happening? It appears vacay has become an unhealthy food planning extravaganza.

I'm not saying to snub indulgences. That's unrealistic and by all means, we should all enjoy our choice favorites. What shouldn't happen is a complete drop the ball on healthy food intake.

My push-ups split with swim interval
The same goes for exercise, especially on extended vacations. If time away is only for the weekend, skipping the workouts would not be such a big deal. However, ten days or longer should include some fun physical activity.

I recently returned from a boating vacation and was able to balance indulgence, workouts, and healthy food intake. I made sure to swim a lot and use the boat creatively for exercise. I also planned healthy meals grilled on the boat.

My indulgences included bloody marys, brownies, and barbecued chips. Since I was active, on vacation and eating in proper portion sizes, I didn't even give a thought to eating off track. This is what I'm talking about with balance, fitness, and vacation.

Enjoy your time, but maintain your healthy lifestyle. Drop to the 80/20 rule to allow for indulgences. Refuse to give into mindless food frenzies. It does take a choice and looking at vacay with a fresh healthy mindset. Going on a trip? Remember to take your fitness on vacation.

A few more exercise and healthy foods typical of our boat vacations:
Pull-ups/swim interval
Core work/swim interval

Grilled Salmon
Filet Mignon
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