Are You Really Eating for Fitness Goals?

Fitness goals are awesome. We want to lose fat, gain muscle and just feel healthy, right? There is nothing better than living a quality life feeling our best. Of course, reaching these goals requires a certain lifestyle.

Are you really eating for fitness goals? Did I ping you on the forehead just now? The lifestyle required includes consuming healthy foods and exercising consistently. Not living this way should make you feel weird. Do you feel weird?

If the answer is no, there is something askew with your fitness program. It usually comes down to what you're eating. Often times we convince ourselves eating off track is acceptable because we work out several times per week. This falls under, you can't out exercise a crappy diet.

I have seen great fitness success turn into the entitlement of eating off track as a reward for doing so awesome. Your well-deserved food frenzy has snowballed into a struggle to get back on track. It can begin as innocently as saying "oh this once won't hurt me" but without self-control, it really can be disastrous.

The food we eat and what we drink represents the body we show. Think about that statement. Food is powerful and also makes us feel healthy or unhealthy. It's the primary cause of inflammation in our blood. This inflammation is said to be the root cause of increased risk of disease. 

We can no longer be in denial about what we're putting in our faces. Now is a great time to perform a nutritional assessment and take an honest look. Reaching fitness goals means being true to yourself. 

The great news is we can always get back on track and start again. This time, with healthier choices and firmer commitment to live the lifestyle. Fitness is always about progress and not perfection. 

Be well and Stay Healthy!

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Darla Leal, Stay Healthy Fitness


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