The Grass is Greener Where You Water It

Why do we worry about what is happening on the other side of the fence? The grass isn't greener over there like we might think. 

What we really need is a change in how we are viewing the scenery. Our attention requires an about face and eyeful of what's going on in our own yard and life. Our neighbor (anyone we compare our life) isn't any better than me or you physically or even materially. True health and happiness begin when we start greening up our own grass. If our focus is always on others, how can we love who we are and make the best of what we have?

Did you know comparison is the thief of joy? We will always be at different levels of health, looks, and financial status and that's just how the world works. The important thing is to make the best out of what we have, celebrate who we are at this moment, and work on becoming a better self than we were yesterday. I refuse to waste my time worrying about someone else’s grass and let the weeds infest mine.

I don't have the fanciest house, most expensive car, straightest teeth or legs but all that doesn't matter. Am I happy with my life and health? That's the question of importance. 

Being over 50, there are many body changes occurring and I have inherited a few wrinkles. Do I think about my youth and admire others who are beautiful, of course. This doesn't mean to be unhappy with myself because I don't look the way they do. Part of greening up my own grass is continuing to take care of my health and fitness. I see life as a beautiful gift and I respect it enough to make it last as long as I can. 

I am not saying it's not OK to dream about wanting something. Goals are about wants turned into action and this is fun to think about. What robs the very life out of a person is becoming jealous and bitter because Sally Sue or Jimmy Joe seem to have the best body, clothes, home, car, spouse, and the list can continue forever. 

When the grass is greener analogy gets in the way of seeing our life in a healthy way is when disenchantment and unhappiness develop. Our constant gaze into someone else’s yard is keeping us from taking care of ourselves. We are unable to become who we're meant to be physically and emotionally. 

The comparison of another is often skewed when looking at their outward life. What you see is not always what is truly lived. The irony of this whole thing is the physical view doesn't show unhappiness, debt, stress, or depression. All the fancy flare may only be a mask to hide unhealthiness that is not seen. 

When a change in our glasses takes place, our focus becomes clearer. We not only take better care of ourselves but many times it opens our eyes to the truth. We can finally see the weeds growing in the grass of that other yard. The best part is our attention turns to greening up the areas in our life creating healthier happier people.  

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Be well and Stay Healthy


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