How Fitness Helps Slow Down the Aging Process

Fitness is shown to slow down the aging process. You may be wondering how this works.

Think about how you feel when health and fitness are absent from your life. Unhealthy habits and sedentary lifestyles promote stress, illness, obesity, being overweight, and cause you to feel old. When you stop taking care of your body is when the aging process accelerates.

Fitness works on the cellular, emotional, and physical level. The better you take care of your health and fitness, the better your body will be. For example, eating nutrient-dense food provides your body with antioxidants shown to:

  • reduce inflammation
  • eliminate free radicals
  • improve your health
  • fight disease
  • reduce cancer risk
  • promote healthy skin and hair
  • increase energy and vitality

With results like this, fitness can be considered the fountain of youth. However, if you don't make time to eat right and exercise, you will eventually be making time for illness.

Your body ages daily, but there are things you can do to slow this process. Studies link eating healthy and exercise to longevity. Sounds like a health insurance plan worth the investment, right?

Many of us get so caught up in believing fitness is a difficult process. We also become frustrated without instant results and often quit before even starting. The negatives seem to outweigh the positives in your mind and ultimately lead to unhealthy choices.

As long as you're  taking positive steps toward your health goals, changes are happening. Have faith in the unseen and hold onto daily progress. Health happens from the inside out. This is why quitting is not an option because nothing ages you faster than living unhealthy.

Age is just a number but we also create how we feel at every age and circumstance. Your health choices either promote vitality or illness and you're ultimately responsible for the outcome. That's a lot of power and control over your health and how you will be aging over the years.

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