Why Wait for New Year to Make a Change?

I enjoy the excitement and celebration of New Year but not really a big fan of the resolutions. Largely due to seeing so many people not follow through after a few weeks, or even days. The fireworks of new healthy promises are typically replaced by old habits. The new healthy lifestyle fizzles back into the norm of unhealthy choices. Sad but true.

Why wait for New Year’s to make a positive decision to change your life and become healthier people?  Today is always the best day to make a change. Never put off until tomorrow what can be accomplished today.

New Year has been a holiday used as a crutch to continue living unhealthy lives. Why? Because we put off until the New Year what we should be doing now and abuse the days leading up to the event. We create an excuse to consume large amounts of unhealthy food and avoid starting an exercise program until the so-called magical perfect time. 

The reality is no perfect time exists and life doesn't wait for our decisions. It goes on whether we join in the positive decision making process or not. Procrastination is the thief of health and fitness. Not taking care of ourselves eventually leads to poor lab results, obesity, heart issues, diabetes, hypertension, increased stress and the list goes on.

Wouldn’t it be better going into the New Year with a healthy lifestyle already in place? 

I'm not trying to be a Darla Downer for the upcoming New Year. I simply want you to consider the reason for waiting to become a healthy person. Celebrating is awesome and decisions made on any day are worth raising a glass in cheers. I applaud all efforts to adopt a healthy lifestyle and the awesome thing is it doesn't have to wait until January 1st.

But what about all the holiday food and fun? I agree there is a bounty of savory and sweet treats during the holidays. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a little of this and that. This is called living life and balance. However, including your healthy foods and exercise should also be part of your holiday season.

Let’s not use the holiday as an excuse to not take care of ourselves. We have promoted a hall pass to a month of junk food for long enough. When the so-called fun is said and done, we are left with expanded guts and butts. Why cause frustration knowing it will be that much longer and harder to undo what has been done? Think on that.  

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Happy Stay Healthy New Year


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