Discipline is Doing the Workout Anyway

Early morning or evening, it's important not to skip your workout. Discipline is doing it anyway even when you don't feel like it. Let's face it, we all have these days. 

We don't always feel like getting out of bed to that set alarm. After work we're tired and just want to get home to a hot meal and sofa time.  

Sometimes it takes forcing ourselves up in the morning and splashing cold water on our face. Having our gym clothes ready to go in the car after work can motivate us to hit the gym. 

Discipline is what takes us to that place called success. It's the inner force within us stronger than our negative mental game trying to sabotage our commitment to fitness. 

We need to feel stronger mentally and physically and push through the hard. If we only worked out on the days we felt good, it would become a rare occasion. We can always come up with a reason not to hit they gym. It's those days we feel tired, weak, sore and mentally defeated that make for the best workouts. We come out the other side feeling like a champion. 

Nothing feels better than a finished workout!

My workout of the day included:

1-mile ARC trainer warm up or 20 minutes
Leg extensions 40lbs @ 25 reps
Lying hamstring curls 25lbs @ 25 reps
BOSU ab crunches @ 30 reps
Interval: wide lateral lunge knee tuck fast paced @ 15 reps per side
repeated 4x and total 25 minutes, total workout time 45 minutes

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Be well and Stay Healthy



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