Why I Celebrate New Year But Not Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone and I hope you enjoyed an amazing time with family and friends. I was thinking about resolutions and have to honestly say - not impressed. Mostly because resolutions are often just a temporary condition.

Do you know the word resolution in terms of New Years means a commitment to yourself? This is awesome, and I celebrate everyone who is keeping their promise. I hope to help motivate you along the way this year to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

I do have my opinions about things, not to offend, but I do like to make points about important subjects regarding health and fitness. If you're a blog follower, you know I am very candid and no BS person and trainer. I hold nothing back when it comes to motivating you with my life.

Moving onto the subject of resolutions and my thoughts. I don't feel a special day is required to make a commitment to improving your health. Each day should be a commitment to do your best with making healthy choices. Are we on the same page?

I celebrate and enjoy each New Year and what that represents. Did I do my best this past year and what can I do even better moving forward? This is what I ponder about New Year. I may cheer this reflection with a glass of wine and quality time with friends and family.

The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar business ready for you on what is considered their biggest money-making holiday each year. Companies marketing fitness products are saying everything you want to hear from quick weight loss, increased muscle size, and improved athletic performance. As consumers, many of you are believing the claims and overspending on pseudo fitness.

Another thing about New Year is many feel validated in eating, drinking, and smoking as much as possible until resolution day. Talk about unhealthy thinking and sorry people, this is not how New Year should be celebrated. It's not a free ticket to party on because somehow overnight you are going to change.

I so disagree with this attitude and mostly because so-called resolutions that everyone makes are seldom kept. In fact, studies indicate they fizzle out within a 4-week period. So, all that overeating, weight gain, hangovers, and stress overload is for nothing. It's an excuse to be negligent with your body and health. Sounds harsh but it's the truth.

Instead of feeling entitled to disregard your health heading into New Year, it would be better to adopt an appreciation for being a fit person and celebrating that accomplishment.

As far as resolutions are concerned, I believe in daily resolutions. These would be choices and changes to improve your life each day, not just for a month. This may include improved ways to exercise, getting more rest, or spending quality time with your spouse. You get the point.

New Year is a meaningful way to celebrate your healthy achievements during a 365-day period. It's a fabulous celebration and reflection of the past year and the New Year to come. If you are making a resolution to become healthier and New Year just so happens to be the day of that choice, my advice is to take it seriously and really make it a priority.

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Be well and Stay Healthy


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