Getting Fit is an Incredible Opportunity

I read this motivation today and was instantly humbled and even more thankful for my health and fitness. This really puts fitness into perspective. Do we really have a right to complain about getting fit? There are so many who are unable to lift their body from a wheelchair.

Sometimes we can lose sight of what an incredible opportunity we have to get fit. Instead of looking at it as a burden, we should be spilling over with thankfulness for the opportunity.

Do you have a working body?  I do, and although I may have some medical limitations, I appreciate what I can do with what I have.

We live in a stressed up world and place much upon ourselves. We make life so busy that we're missing out on what is truly important. Health is a valuable gift we're supposed to take care of by what we do with our fitness.

Getting fit and healthy is a privilege just the same as growing older. If our mindset is not focused on the important stuff, we will live a life of chaos not to mention creating an unhealthy body.

Fitness goals require a positive attitude. Our body achieves what the mind believes. For example, instead of seeing meal prep as a burdensome task, be thankful for the health benefits you will receive from eating right.

The same goes for exercise. Is your life really so busy to not fit in a 30-minute workout? Really?! There are many who struggle just to walk. Try looking at your body as a beautiful gift and appreciate the awesome opportunity you have to get in shape.

It will be our mindset that carries us into the right way of thinking about getting fit. Our bodies will only go where our mind pushes us. Being able to exercise is truly something to be thankful for.

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Be well and Stay Healthy


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