When Pushing Through the Pain is Necessary

Sometimes pushing through the pain is necessary. I am not talking about pain that doesn't feel right during exercise but referring to the emotional and mental pain all of us will experience in this life. Exercise definitely helps you through these times and is one of the most underutilized stress relievers.

Suffering from a crisis like family illness, a death, divorce, or financial strain can sometimes hinder your mental and physical game. Stressful situations can cause many of you to place health and fitness on the back burner. We get so wrapped up in the pain of the event, emotional banks drained, that having the energy to put one foot in front of the other feels like an impossible task.

It will be in these moments where taking care of your health is the most important. Eating right and exercise is shown to help reduce stress and boost energy levels. Often times pushing through the pain even when you don't want to is what helps keep you healthy emotionally and physically. It enables you to go through difficult situations with a clearer mindset and better decision-making skills.

It will not be easy and will take discipline to push through the pain. On those days where exercise just isn't possible, focus more on eating healthy. Get in the workouts when you can for the therapeutic and stress relieving benefits.

Studies have shown exercise is directly linked to decreased depression and stress. This is why it's important not to neglect this very important part of your life, especially as you experience an emotional upset.

All of us will go through tough stuff and unfortunately, this is part of life. How you respond to the circumstances is what will help keep you healthy. Journaling is another great way to feel comfort through painful situations. Sometimes, enlisting the help of a reliable, licensed counselor can help you navigate through difficult times. Personally, I wear my knees out praying to God to help me through painful situations. 

Life will not play fair with any of us so preparing yourself by being healthy and happy can provide an edge up when difficult situations occur. Being fit helps you cope better with emotional stress. You will be stronger physically and mentally. Good health plays one of the most important roles in providing us the strength to push through the pain.

When the painful things in this life come knocking on your door, will you be ready physically, emotionally and spiritually?  Will you have the strength to push through the pain? 

I dedicate this Blog to my wonderful father who is a fighter, and my beautiful mother who stands strongly by his side for 58 years and counting. Thank you for blessing me with life, faith, and love.

My Beautiful Parents
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