Our Fitness Programs Only Work If We Do

Did you know karma can easily apply to fitness? It basically means whatever you do will come back to you. So, if you're doing good things, good things happen in return and vice versa. If you're sorta kinda committed to your fitness, the results will show. It really comes down to reaping what you sow.

I happen to believe in karma fitness. The thing about karma is there are consequences to treating others and yourself badly. It will eventually come back to bite you in the backside. If you're avoiding your health, eating poorly, and living a sedentary lifestyle, your body will give back what it has been given.

Being lied to for example sucks and speaks more about the person doing the action, but guess what ... karma. How does this apply to our health? Let's reflect on a few questions:

  • Are you being honest with yourself about your fitness?
  • Are you giving your body a healthy life?
  • Do you make excuses for your behavior?
  • Do you want to eventually suffer the consequences of unhealthy habits?

We may not be able to control other people, but we can sure control our own karma when it comes to getting healthy. Our fitness programs only work if we do, right?

You get what you give. Your body wants to be treated well, fed right and exercised regularly. You have a trusting relationship with your body and want that to remain intact.

Refusing to provide the daily care your body is worthy does nothing but destroy a once healthy relationship. Your body will definitely let you know it's not being treated well. Increased stress, illness, and obesity are just a few ways bad fitness karma speaks to unhealthy behaviors.

Are you being real with yourself and treating your body the way it should be treated? All in fitness love!

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Be well and Stay Healthy 



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