Reasons or Excuses are Both the Same When it Comes to Getting Fit

Let's be honest about how reasons affect our overall health, fitness and daily lifestyle. Reasons are often used to avoid a workout or eat healthy meals, agreed? They are really the same as excuses that keep us from getting fit.  

We want the fit and healthy body but come up with every reason in the book to avoid doing the work to achieve the goal. Why? What continues to get in the way of the thing we most want?  

We almost have a rebellious attitude toward health and fitness. We convince ourselves we can achieve our goals even with unhealthy eating and exercise habits. A negative attitude, excuses, and rebel behavior is definitely not going to achieve a healthy body or mind. We really need to change our mind in order to change our body. 

If getting fit were easy, everyone would be doing it. Health and fitness require effort and planning. Why is there such an issue with working for our goals? Everything in life worthy of anything takes work. Health is a gift and fitness is the action and our responsibility to maintain it. 

Why is the effort to adopt a healthy life considered a burden, and why are reasons used to avoid it? Most of us work hard in our careers, strive for material things but disregard health and fitness. Without our health, we wouldn't be able to achieve even those material goals. Things are really turned around in this life.

When are health and fitness going to become the priority? It's not like we have to scale the largest mountain peak in the world. We simply need to love ourselves enough to take care of our body. Fitness is meant to better our life not to be a burden. It's time we stop using excuses to avoid what should be high on our important list. 

Life is too short to let reasons get in the way of being our best healthy self. Convincing ourselves otherwise is absolutely crazy. 

We waste so much time coming up with reasons to not get healthy. The workout or healthy meal could have been done already. Time has become so mismanaged and our bodies are suffering the consequences. We know what we want and it's important to not give into the reasons holding us back. You can achieve your goals but it will take losing all the excuses. Start doing something today your future self will thank you for. 

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Be well and Stay Healthy


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