Waiting to Start a Fitness Program Means Never Reaching Our Goals

How many Mondays have gone by without starting a fitness program? What other things continue to take priority? We have good intentions, want to get in shape but follow through is lacking.

It's time to put a stop to the excuses that get in the way of our health and fitness. Health is our wealth and we couldn't live such a busy life without it. Think about that. Declining health equals no work, no social life, and no money. Not that money is or should be the most important thing in life.

Our priorities are skewed and our reasons to not get fit make no sense in the big scheme of life. Why are we waiting for illness to hit our life before taking action? Our lives require a priority overhaul. Don't you agree?

Living a life without good health is not a quality life at all. When the morning routine means taking pills for proper body function there is something wrong. This is referencing self-induced illness created by not taking care of ourselves. This shouldn't be an acceptable norm for society. This should piss us off and motivate change in our life.

Waiting for someday is no longer an acceptable excuse. Besides, someday doesn't qualify as a day of the week. Do you want to lose fat, look good naked, feel great, move better, and be more confident? Do you want to toss those pills prescribed from self-induced illness? Do you want to be healthy?

In order to improve our health and fitness, we need to make it a priority. Change takes a choice and we're all responsible for our health and fitness. Your busy lifestyle should include consistent workouts and healthy food.

Fitness takes good time management. For example, making gym time one of your social hours without canceling. Another way to improve our eating habits is being prepared with a packed cooler at the workplace. This will keep us out of the vending machines, break room junk food, or nearby restaurants.

You can achieve your goals by applying simple changes. It will be a progressive life-long journey. Life is meant to be enjoyed with a healthy, fit body. The choice is yours to make it happen. All in fitness love. Stay Healthy!

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Be well and Stay Healthy



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