Why I Focus on Eating Healthy Not Counting Calories

I stopped counting calories years ago. I simply made my focus eating healthy quality food each day. One of my favorite nutrition motivations is “no one has ever gotten fat eating too much kale.” I don't feel the need to keep track of my calories when I eat primarily nutrient-dense foods. The food I eat keeps me strong, healthy and feeling good and that's what matters. When your food is healthy, it promotes healthiness and appropriate body weight. 

I keep my refrigerator and pantry stocked with plenty of organic vegetables, fruits, yogurts, raw nuts, grains, and lean meats. I graze throughout the day eating small healthy meals every three hours. This keeps me satisfied and well-fueled for work and physical training. 

Maintaining a healthy body is about living a quality life. This means being concerned about the quality of food consumed. There's a big difference choosing to eat a fast food meal compared to an organic chicken breast with mixed greens. Healthy food is nutrient dense, fewer calories, and provides health benefits. It even looks like you're eating more when eating healthy because you are. 

This is a great example of why I don't bother counting calories. As long as I am eating meals like organic chicken and greens, the need and stress behind counting calories are pointless. I eat for health and listen to the cues of my body that tell me to fuel up.

I also apply a strategy when buying groceries. I shop the perimeter of the store and steer clear of the center aisles full of processed foods. Most grocery store setups are the same, produce to the right or left, dairy to the back and the meat counter on the opposite side. 

Part of my grocery shopping also means sticking to a grocery list. This allows me to stay on track and on the budget. I really enjoy the local farmer’s markets and shop those for organic produce as much as possible. I also love the organics at Costco.

I believe in keeping my food intake simple. Eating healthy gets a slam for being complicated and this is really untrue. How is eating chicken and vegetables complicated? The problem is not with the food but how we feel about making changes to our lifestyle. Am I right? 

Eating an organic apple and peanut butter is healthy food at its simple best. Not complicated at all and something we can all manage. Grilling or baking a chicken breast is another basic way to eat healthily. Nothing difficult in the process. Again, the issue is believing healthy eating is a burden or somehow doesn't taste good. 

If we could just get back to the basics of eating to live, eating real food, and not stressing about it so much. Our fast paced processed society is creating unhealthy overweight people. We have really strayed from how eating right and working hard was a normal part of living. 

Think about our ancestors, what they ate, how it was provided, and prepared. They worked hard physically growing crops, raising cattle and dairy all from their own land. It was freshly picked, cooked and consumed throughout the day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner the way it should be. 

I realize many of us don't live on farms or even grow our own food. However, I do try to eat as close to farm to fork as I can. I eat to live and work hard for the food I eat. What I do count is quality when it comes to my calories and that works for me

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Be well and Stay Healthy


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