How Fitness Can Be Lost With Two Little Words

How many times do we justify unhealthy choices using the 'it's only' intro? Whether it’s only five pounds more, a small bag of chips, or one missed workout, it's easy to keep going once we start. 

These two little words can be the start of losing our fitness. The occasional treat turns into daily choices leading us in the opposite direction of our fitness goals. The five pound gain turns into ten, two cookies are suddenly five, and several workouts somehow get missed. Two innocent words have suddenly derailed all our hard work. 

The 'it’s only' dilemma can happen at any time but appears to creep back into the picture once fitness results are achieved. What we thought wouldn't make a difference in our fitness has taken us back to an unhealthy lifestyle and body.

These two words are not as innocent as one might believe. Saying 'it's only' is only for those with a strong mental game who really mean it for one time.

Let’s look at the time it takes to break the cycle of sugar craving. This is approximately two weeks or twenty-one days. If a person is two days shy of that goal and decides to break the rules for its only one time, it could snowball into continued unhealthy eating. All that hard work down the drain. This is hypothetical but happens more often than not.

I am all about moderation but starting a healthy lifestyle requires structure and discipline. Success happens when we don't cave to thinking 'it's only' is acceptable. Why risk losing the accomplishments of several days/months of hard effort?

There's no denying two innocent words can take a person from success to digress in short order. Within a few weeks, we may stand in bewilderment wondering what happened. It happened because 'it’s only' became the tool used more consistently than healthy choices. 

Pay attention to that inner voice tempting you towards unhealthy food choices and skipped workouts. Be aware of friends and family who may sabotage your efforts with it's only for this one time. Besides, you deserve it, right? Wrong. What you deserve is making the best healthy choices for yourself.

Becoming aware of the two words (it's only) and how we use them to justify unhealthy choices is important to our fitness success. When we're able to identify the behavior, we can avoid setbacks in our fitness life. 

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Be well and Stay Healthy!


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