Why Feeling Accomplished is a Big Fitness Deal

I love feeling accomplished. Can you relate? Completing a hard workout, especially on days when motivation is lacking, really earns a clap for yourself. 

I can also feel pretty awesome after finishing a chore not so fabulous like cleaning the bathroom. Yuck, right? But it has to be done. Checking things off your 'to do' list should provide a great feeling of accomplishment.

Nothing feels better than a job well-done. The thing about personal goals in and out of the gym is how they belong to us. I don't need or seek anyone’s approval to feel accomplished. Neither should you. What matters most is what you do on a daily basis to achieve your goals and to feel good in the process. 

Great questions to ask yourself: 
Some of us get caught up competing with others, comparing to others, and wanting to be like others. This behavior causes you to miss out on your own accomplishments. Life is really too short to live someone else's dream and try to walk their walk. Who really knows what goes on behind the closed doors of anyone’s walk. The only walk known for certain is your own, right? 

Wasting your swagger trying to be someone else, or constantly compare would never lead to feeling self-accomplished. Focusing energy on things you have control over and working towards your own goals is what creates a healthy life. There is nothing better than striving for your own feeling of accomplishment. 

Sometimes it can take years to grasp this concept and is often learned through your journey of life. The important thing is finally coming to the point of loving yourself enough to be proud of your accomplishments. Big or small, it all counts. Did you finish the laundry today? Get in that workout? Cook a healthy meal? Stay on track with your fitness program? Celebrate those things.

Feeling accomplished doesn't have to be some news-making off the charts event.  It's the small everyday things done on a daily basis providing that feeling of accomplishment. The beautiful part about this feeling is it coming from within.

We often fail to give ourselves enough credit for all we do making our lives healthier and happier. Why is that? Small steps create big results and done over time, a quality life.

So beauties, if you worked out, cleaned the house, tried a healthy recipe, ate clean for the day, or drank water instead of soda, you should feel accomplished. It will be the things you do consistently that will bring accomplishment and create a healthy lifestyle. 

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Be well and Stay Healthy


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