What You Think About Doing Must Be Done to See Positive Change - Day 50 New Year, New You

Do you think about getting fit but procrastinate doing what it takes? You have good intentions but it never springboards into action.Why does something so important as your health continue to get pushed aside? Welcome to Day 50 of New Year, New You in 365 Days.

The Problem 

Getting fit seems to get a slam for being hard and a burden. You have to give up everything fun and tasty in life to have a fit and healthy body. This is far from the truth, but what many of you believe.

These feelings cause many people to frown at even trying to get healthy. They have been duped by good marketing making claims that fitness isn't possible unless you buy expensive fitness products and workout until you throw up. Really?!

Do you believe getting fit is a burden? Are you guilty of not following through with eating healthy and exercise?

The Solution 

Change your mindset. It's important to have a realistic attitude and knowledge about fitness to start making positive changes

Research indicates individuals who make a plan are the most successful. In order to turn those intentions into action and achieve your goals, consider trying this approach:

  1. Write down your goals - be specific and honest. I want to lose fat, gain muscle, feel better, be healthier, look good naked, become more flexible, reduce chronic pain. These are just a few examples. 
  2. Plan how to achieve those goals - re-arrange priorities, better time management, keep a fitness journal, eat healthier, exercise 4-5 times per week, get more sleep.
  3. Turn your plans into action - focus on your health, follow-through on scheduled workouts, toss the junk food, cook healthy food at home, write down daily achievements, limit alcohol intake, get to bed earlier, drink more water. 

Keep it Simple - Make a Plan

Looks simple when you see it on paper. It actually does make the process easier when you think about it as directions to a healthy life. Following a plan helps you stay on track and feel less overwhelmed.

Moving from 'I want to get fit to taking action to get fit' takes good planning. It can be applied to most everything in life from painting the house, spending more time with family, to adopting a healthy lifestyle. It helps you stay true to taking care of the important things.

What has helped me is setting up challenge systems where I complete three goals of intention for that day. For example, today I plan to get in a morning workout, work with 3 clients, and cook a healthy dinner.

Setting realistic daily goals is a great way to feel accomplished. It also provides motivation to repeat the process. It's simple when you have a plan.

The Bottom Line

Having good intentions are great but remain thoughts until you put them into action. Goals to improve your health and fitness won't happen without effort. Taking action is what will create better health, a fit body, and overall improved quality of life.

Those things you think about all the time must come to the forefront of your actions:

  • Has a family member or friend been on your mind to call?  Pick up the phone. 
  • Has a date night with your spouse been put off for months? Time to bring on the romance.
  • Are the intentions to exercise 4 times per week not happening? Get your calendar, schedule your workouts, and don't cancel.
  • Do you want to eat better at home and reduce dining out? Write a healthy food list and plan a shopping trip.

Every active step made is a step closer to fulfilling your goals and taking your intentions further than your mind. It's important not to get stuck in the 'thinking about it' stage without any action. Good intentions only go so far and although they may sound good, living it out through your actions is what really counts.

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Be well and Stay Healthy



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