Gimmicks Don't Represent or Create Lasting Fitness

Fitness gimmicks are a billion dollar industry causing frustration for consumers not seeing the results of their promises. The truth is nothing exists in a bottle or package to create lasting fitness. I am a strong advocate to debunk food and fitness myths and their false guarantees to deliver a perfect body in 10 days or less.

I can really get on a soapbox about this subject and sometimes do. Today seems fitting to fling a little soap around and clean up the fitness myth mess created by dishonest marketing in the fitness world.

Quick Fix Quackery

Most of America wants to get fit fast and companies are not dumb in knowing how to market that dream at top dollar. Store shelves and online sites are crammed with millions of miracle fitness makers. As consumers, we are responding to those scams and making supplement companies very rich indeed.

You are the target group these billion dollar companies have placed their focus and promising fitness in a bottle of wonder. Next time you open your wallet to buy a gimmick guaranteed to melt fat overnight and create instant muscle mass, please realize this is a fairy tale. You can either waste your time and money or get serious about getting fit the right way.

Supplements and herbs aren't FDA regulated. Companies can put anything on their bottles to sell the product, and that is exactly what they do. I am a hard sell when it comes to supplements or gimmicks and I refuse to believe anything not backed up by science. Take a close look at the small writing on most unregulated fitness supplements and you will read the following: should be combined with a healthy eating and exercise program for results.

Just Eat Right and Exercise

Stop right there! Guess what, if you just start eating right and exercising you would see results without buying an expensive bottle of quick fix hype.  Most of your nutrients can be obtained through eating a wide variety of healthy foods.

Some foods can naturally boost metabolism getting rid of the need for any unhealthy stimulant fat burners. Getting fit and staying healthy takes a lifestyle that can't be purchased at the store. You are the secret to your success! Myths are for fiction story books and fairy tales.

Realistic Fitness

It would be nice to simply snap our fingers and make our bodies the way we want them, but that's not life or reality. It's time to face the truth of what it takes to achieve fitness and get off the gimmick-go-round.

Getting fit will take a commitment to eating right, consistent exercise, lots of water, and plenty of rest. This lifestyle will provide the results you're looking for guaranteed by your daily choices. Doesn't that sound like a much better investment of time and money?

Get Fit Tips

Believing food and fitness myths cause setbacks in reaching your fitness goals.

Fitness gimmicks cause yo-yo dieting and inability to stick to a real program.

Fitness in a bottle can be harmful to your health since the ingredients are unregulated.

Learn how to get fit by eating real, healthy food and exercising at least 3-4 times per week.

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Be well and Stay Healthy



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