Nothing Happens Without Putting in Some Effort

There are no free rides to fitness and nothing happens without putting in some effort. Anything worthwhile takes work, agreed?

It Comes Down to Choices

The choice is yours to make to get healthy. We can either choose to be healthy and happy or miserable and unhealthy. Your body will represent your choices. It's really that simple.

The choice does seem simple but many of us still consider getting fit too hard and unenjoyable. Fitness is somehow viewed as a burden that removes all the fun in life. I find this perplexing.

Why is Unhealthy the Acceptable Norm?

We live in a society where being overweight and unhealthy is an acceptable norm. This is not a body shaming issue, but a health issue. The obesity epidemic has now risen to almost 40% of the American population. It is causing chronic illness impairing the quality of our life. Without a change in the way we live and eat, this problem is not going away.

How is feeling sick, tired, and in chronic pain a fun daily existence? Does this make any logical sense?

Why is putting forth some effort to exercise and eat healthy looked upon as the worst thing ever?

Our mindset about living healthy really needs to change.

Make Fitness Priority

Getting healthy and fit happens when we make it a priority. This means eating healthy at least 80% of the time and exercising at least 3 times per week. It's really not complicated nor does it cost lots of money. There's also room for indulgence, rest, and play.

The rumors of fitness not being fun and requiring expensive products are myths. Fad diets and supplement scams want you to believe untruths to get your money. Sadly, many people fall for these false claims.

Health and fitness aren't found in a bottle but in the way you live your life.
Fitness isn't about quick fixes but a lifestyle of consistent healthy habits.

Do What You Need to Do

There is no secret to getting fit, and it comes down to doing what you need to do.

Start exercising regularly, eat some greens, grains, lean meat, and drink lots of water. Reduce your stress level and get more rest. Find balance in your life and enjoy the process of getting healthy. This is the effort required for improved health and fitness. It's not hard and actually enjoyable once you get your mind right.

Being fit is not a restrictive life of diets and exercise punishment. On the contrary, it's working out and eating right because it makes you feel good and healthy.

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Be well and Stay Healthy


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